About Us

Bridal Gown Tailoring

The Perfect Gown Reflects Your Style and Our Expertise

Suburban Bridal is a family-owned business that has been serving Midwest bridal & Social Occasion customers since 1967.  Our trained staff will find the perfect gown based on your ideas and accentuate what makes you special and beautiful.


We have hundreds of gowns with selections for brides of all sizes, shapes, and personalities.  We have joined with other top retail bridal shops in designing, manufacturing and producing our own original gowns which have reached international status.

Perfect Fit

Our alteration staff has over 150 years combined bridal experience and can beautifully fit your gown exactly as the gown was designed to look.  They are second to none.  Pressing and bustling is their gratuity for you.  Our international haute couture bridal designer, along with our innovative design team, can re-design any gown to accommodate your specific needs or preferences on most requests.

Our Debutantes Affiliation

Suburban Bridal is proud to provide assistance each year to the Omaha Symphony Guild’s Debutantes and their families… Learn More