How do I choose the correct size?

Bridal Attire, which includes Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride/Groom Gowns and Flower Girl Dresses, are not made to measure.They are cut to a size on each manufacturer’s sizing charts and are not consistent with ready-to-wear sizes. Measurements are taken to compare with that particular manufacturers’ chart that a customer is ordering from. A size is chosen based on the least amount of alterations necessary for an excellent fit without changing the original style of the dress. Generally, most gowns need some alterations. Our bridal consultants can help you choose a size by showing you the particular manufacturers’ size chart, but the final decision is yours.

Who should I bring to help me choose my gown?
When you are married you and your fiance will be making many decisions. You might as well start now! The better you feel about the way you look, the better you are going to look in your gown: no matter what anyone thinks. You are the one wearing the gown; you should be able to make this decision. Many brides like to show their mothers the dress they have chosen or have their mothers with them while they are in “the trying on” process. Either way is fine. It is usually a fabulous time for you and your mom to connect before you become busy with married life. Be careful who else you bring. Friends are all-important to each of us, but your wedding day is yours. All decisions should reflect you and your fiance’s opinion. After all, it is your very special day.

Women are competitive. Sometimes, we see friends choosing a gown they would like on them thinking that you should look good in the same style. As you well know, this is not usually the case. We are all unique and have different tastes. What matters most is that your gown fits your personality. The line design should maximize the positive aspects of your figure and minimize the negative. Illusion is more important than what we see.

How long does it take to order a dress?
Generally wedding gowns can take six to eight months depending on how much hand work is involved. Couture gowns, definitely, because of their constructions will take longer.  There are still some companies that will ship in three to four months. These are usually simple line designs, which are sometimes called “destination” dresses. Bridesmaid, special occasion, and mother of the bride/groom dresses average three to four months.

Most companies do offer Rush Production for an extra fee. This means the company will regard your order as a priority and cut the dress or dresses faster than normal order times. You need to allow about five to seven working days, not including week-ends, for the shipping. Besides rush production, if you want rush shipping which includes three-day, two-day and overnight, there is an additional charge for this.

Can I buy a dress out of stock?
Yes, you can buy almost any dress out of stock. There are some circumstances that make this prohibitive, then you need to order from the stock piece.

Do you do alterations?
Yes, we have a completely separate business that does our alterations called “Alterations and Design”. Alterations are done at our store even though they are not part of our store. We are two entirely different businesses; however, for those who need their professionalism-we highly recommend their work. They work by appointment only. You do not have to have alterations here if you have a competent person who qualifies for bridal alterations. We always give you the choice. Sometimes, in order to help a customer, we have given advice to the alteration person they chose outside our store.

Why do internet prices differ from those in your shop?
Though some internet pricing may seem enticing, you will find that, generally, you get what you pay for! We have seen some disasters. We have had many customers tell us to warn future internet shoppers of bridal attire to think twice. Bridal sizing is a lot more complicated than what most people realize. Dye lots can vary and sometimes internet purchases will have flaws along with size substitutions. There are times when an internet “store” has substituted a “copy” instead of the style from a chosen manufacturer without telling the customer.

However, Bridal Designs at Suburban Bridals will match internet pricing as long as you furnish the website so we can verify the price. You will not receive the amenities that you would receive if you ordered at the manufacturers’ suggested or normal price.

Details and “Fine Print” for ONLINE Ordering

  • It is very important to us (and you!) that the gowns and dresses are accurately ordered. For this reason, we ask that you choose the size (we will give you the chart of your chosen style and provide any assistance you require). However, it is your responsibility to do the final measuring and tell us what size to order.
  • You must order the gown or all the gowns at one time. You are responsible for collecting all monies etc. to pay for the garment or garments in full, along with the shipping costs.
  • We will check ensure correct sizes and color; however, you must pick up the order within three to five working days. It will be as shipped, in a box, to be given to you.
  • We do not allow the ladies of “alteration and design” to work on these dresses unless special arrangements are made with the store. Upon request, we will furnish you with names of competent people who can alter them.
  • We will not take any liability for your decisions or your order, including color choices.
  • We will not take any liability for shipping delays, nor will we make any phone calls regarding these delays.
  • We will not be responsible for size or color substitutions.

E-mail: suburbanbridals@gmail.com

Measurement Guidelines & Online Ordering Form for Out of Town Guests