What our brides say

shelley williams
shelley williams
January 25, 2024
I had the most wonderful experience finding my wedding gown! The staff was AMAZING, and they made me feel very special and important . They were very understanding of the alterations I needed done to the dress to make my dress perfect for me! I will definitely recommend this shop to everyone I know!
Claire McElroy
Claire McElroy
January 20, 2024
This was an amazing experience from start to finish. All of the ladies were excited to help and to hear the different ideas about all of the dresses. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Emma McElroy
Emma McElroy
January 20, 2024
Mary Lou and the girls were phenomenal! We had a great experience and would strongly recommend to anyone around. Great selection of sizes and styles and excellent customer services and so budget friendly.
Erin McElroy
Erin McElroy
January 20, 2024
We had an amazing experience from the sincerity of their interests in me and what I wanted. Their willingness to work with me to make my dream dress an reality was something I'll never forget.
Lori Brennan
Lori Brennan
January 6, 2024
Jaque was WONDERFUL and helpful and we loved the experience!
Kara Simonsen
Kara Simonsen
November 13, 2023
This bridal shop was amazing! They turned my dream wedding gown into a reality. They had multiple gowns lined up for me to try upon my arrival which included the dress I said yes to. They were so kind and helpful. I am also a plus sized bride and they made my needs feel heard and respected. Their dresses are also custom designed so you won’t be seeing them anywhere else!
Krystyn Kallhoff
Krystyn Kallhoff
October 24, 2023
I cannot say enough great things about Suburban Bridal. I worked with Jacque and felt like an absolute princess the entire time I was in the shop. From the moment I walked in, you could tell that I was Jacque's priority - she worked collaboratively with the other gals working that day to determine good dress options as I walked in not really knowing what I wanted in a dress. She asked all the right questions, experimented with putting me in different cuts and accessorizing/showing dress options such as additions, color changes, etc to my hearts content. Ultimately I found my YES dress at Suburban and couldn't be more thrilled. None of it would have been possible without Jacque's attention to detail and truly listening to my feedback as I tried dresses on.
Madison H (Maddie)
Madison H (Maddie)
October 21, 2023
I had an amazing experience at Suburban Bridal. Linda is an absolute gem to work with! I am a plus sized bride and I felt 100% comfortable and validated the entire duration of my visit. All the dresses are gorgeous and you can see the love that is put into them during the design process. They listened to what I liked and disliked and were very respectful of my budget. I'm so thankful I came here to shop. I tried on several dresses and never felt rushed, or like I was being inconvenient for trying and retrying dresses. I ended up finding "the one" here - a dress that makes me feel BEAUTIFUL! So so so reasonably priced! Linda and Mary Lou are top tier ladies. I would recommend everyone to this shop!! Thank you again ladies!
Annaliese Sailors
Annaliese Sailors
October 5, 2023
I cannot express how much I LOVED my experience at Suburban Bridal! Kim and Mary Lou were so amazing and I am so happy I found my dress with them! They made me feel so special and took time to get to know me. I would recommend Suburban Bridal for any bride looking to find their dream wedding dress!!
Cristina Rangel
Cristina Rangel
September 26, 2023
I had such a great experience at this bridal store. Mary Lou & Jacquie were both absolute angels. So helpful, funny and kind. I highly recommend this place as not only are they wonderful people but the dresses are GORGEOUS. I had gone to 2 other stores before this one and never loved a dress I tried on and I felt so defeated. Then I came to Suburban Bridal & I immediately LOVED so many dresses right off the bat. It was hard to even make the decision because I loved several! Thank you again Suburban Bridal for making this so special for me!

Tera’s Story

“When I was newly engaged, I knew right away the style of dress I wanted! I have always loved the big princess ball gowns. I also knew that I wanted a sweetheart neckline. I also wanted the dress to be comfortable. The next step was finding my dream dress within my price range. When I discussed prices with my mother, we agreed to keep the price of my wedding dress around $1,200.

When we walked in to Suburban Bridal, I saw the Lisa Lou gown being shown on a mannequin. Initially, I told my mother that it was beautiful, but with a dress looking like that, it would be out of our price range. A store assistant took the two of us into the back to start picking out dresses to try on. I picked 5-6 gowns, and one of the dresses was the same one on the mannequin! I decided to try that one on first, and I instantly fell in love. My mother told me, before looking at the price tag, that if its dress, we will make the price work. At that time, I looked at the price tag only to find that it was almost HALF the price of our dress limit. At this time, the assistant put the veil on me, and it all fell into place. The designer then came over and told me the story behind the dress, and we all had happy tears!

The dress was perfect for the whole ceremony and reception. Of course, throughout the reception, the dress would get stepped on, and the bustle became loose, but it was nothing a couple safety pins couldn’t fix! It was so easy and comfortable to walk, sit, and dance in! I would highly recommend anyone looking for their wedding dress to give the Lisa Lou Collection a look!”

Yvonne’s Story

What I was looking for in a wedding dress was something that would flatter me, something beautiful, and something that wasn’t white but still elegant enough to say I’m the bride. I wanted a dress that would compliment me. I wanted a dress with some kind of sleeve, and I wanted something under $2,000 because of my budget.

I went to one store only and found my dream dress. I am uncomfortable in my own skin, but I was helped by the owner of the store and she made me feel so comfortable and made me have such a wonderful experience. I drove by Suburban Bridal At least 10 times before I made my appointment. And I was so happy I chose this store. I tried the dress on twice but I loved it the first time I tried it on. It flattered me and made me feel so beautiful. The detail was beautiful on the dress.

The day of my wedding I felt like a true queen. I felt beautiful and had so many compliments on how beautiful my dress was. My husband had tears in his eyes when he saw me for the first time. My dad as well. I had my dress on the entire reception and just felt beautiful the whole night.

Madison’s Story

I had the best experience at Suburban Bridal! I had no idea what I was looking for and Suburban Bridal helped me find the perfect gown and veil. They communicated with me and made sure all my questions were answered. They truly cared about my happiness. I would not recommend any other shop.

Bailey & John

Watching a bride walk through a whirlwind romance with great laughs, and tears shed until the wedding day happens. This is Bailey and John. Bailey is wearing a gown from our private collection. We are so happy she sent us this beautiful photo!

Jenelle’s Story

It was such an honor at wear a Lisa Lougow from your collectiion. Thank you for helping me look & feel absolutely beautiful on my wedding day. I tell my friends & family about your Store and that you come highly recommended. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on the gown. Thank you for your support and special memories!



“I am beyond grateful for the ladies at suburban bridal. I found the dress I was dreaming of but even better than that was the experience. Miss Mary Lou who designed the dress herself, was with me the entire time. Her and miss Linda were so kind and helpful. Linda thought of this dress before I had come in based on my description of what I was looking for. I can’t thank you enough you made my experience everything I could’ve asked for.”



“I can not thank Suburban Bridal enough for the wonderful experience we had in their shop. This was my first time shopping for dresses and we had just left a very busy bridal shop that was so overwhelming to be in and we had to share our stylist with another bride. Visiting Suburban Bridal was such breathe of fresh air. I’m so happy with the one on one treatment I got from both the stylist and the designer of my dress. She was able to customize my dress for my more modest style. I so appreciate everything they did for us. Thank you so much Suburban Bridal!!”


“Thank you so much for making my dress experience so amazing. Your kindness & talent is so appreciated. It was so fun picking the dtress & trying them all on. You’ve been a joy to work with. Thanks for everything!”

LeAnn F.

“These ladies are very awesome to work with!!! Our experience finding my daughter’s dress was exceptional.”

Mary B.

“My daughter found her dress there. Mary Lou is just the best!!”

Penni R.


“Staff very knowledgeable and sweet. It was a great experience! Although a bit tricky to find. Definitely use Maps!”

Mikayla B.


“This place is absolutely amazing. They give you the complete bridal experience and can practically customize their own dress to your preference. After visiting a few different bridal shops, Suburban Bridal goes above and beyond! I would give them 100 stars if I could.”

Anna B.

“This was the first & only place I needed to find my wedding dress. We had the salon all to ourselves for the appointment which made the experience so intimate. Kim, my consultant was absolutely amazing and i she pulled the perfect gowns out of their large selection for me after only hearing a brief summary of what i was looking for. Kim made the experience so much fun & so personal. It was the best experience I could have asked for!”

Katherine M.


“My mother in law’s sister had told me about this bridal shop. I had never heard of them before. My budget was lower in nature and the assistant did a great job of providing me with gowns that were in my price range. She also paired veils with the gowns to give me a better idea of what it would look like. Although I did not purchase a gown from Suburban Bridal, I would definitely recommend this place if you want an elegant gown and not break the bank. Well worth the drive from Lincoln to go check out!! Jackie was who helped me out and appreciated her assistance and feedback when I or family members had questions about dress/other related questions.”

Jordan J.


“This was honestly the best dress shopping experience I’ve ever had. The ladies that helped me were super sweet and they weren’t all about the sale, they were about making sure I was happy with my choice. They not only made sure I was comfortable but made sure I felt beautiful. They gave life advice and marriage advice along with dress advice.. they were so sweet and they made me feel like I was family. We ordered my dress and she called me to update me on the order and she hand wrote me a thank you note and mailed it to me which meant so much more than what corporations send out. It was personalized to me and my future husband and I will never recommend anyone more than I recommend these ladies. They were top notch! Everyone that came with me felt the same and couldn’t stop raving about the experience!”

Trisha H.

“Kim made dress shopping so easy and fun and it was a pleasure spending time with her and my family. My experience at Suburban Bridal was amazing and Kim helped me figure out exactly what I wanted in my dream wedding dress. They have a wide selection of beautiful dresses in a variety of price ranges to help fit into your budget. I’m so grateful for Kim and Suburban Bridal and would highly recommend them!”

Alisa M.


“Went wedding dress shopping with my best friend. They were amazing, I really liked how they did not use clamps if the dress was too big they used pins, so you could really see the whole dress! My friend was very happy with her pick. The owner actually helped us that day and was very friendly as well!”

Mariah K.


“We went this past Sunday after a not so fun experience at David’s bridal. I was feeling so defeated until I walked in the door. To start with, every dress I saw was BEAUTIFUL! Then we got to have the most amazing experience with Kim. She truly became part of our family that day and made it more special than I could have ever imagined! I’m so glad I decided to shop there because it turned into something I will remember forever ❤ thank you so much!”

Ellen H.


“The ladies at a Suburban Bridal provided a personalized and beautiful experience. Very knowledgeable about wedding dresses, materials, alteration needs. Locally owned and wonderful people to work with.”



“Jacque, thank you for all of your hep when I was picking out my dress and my sisters/mom couldn’t make it each time. I will never forget how special you made my experience-what you do truly impacts people’s lives/ I will be forever grateful the Lord brought me to Suburban Bridal.”



“Mary Lou, thank you for all that you to ensure every bride looks/feels beautiful on her special day. I loved getting to know your story and hearing the impact my job as a pediatric ICU nurse has on families like your own. You made my experience so special and I am so grateful our paths crossed. Thank you for everything!”

Kristi L.


“I had just an amazing experience here. I will say I was quite nervous to try on dresses but the ladies here took great care to find just absolutely stunning dresses. Kim and Mary Lou were just the best in finding dresses that fit what I wanted and dress after dress looked and felt just amazing. The quality of the dresses was far superior to some other places which made all the difference in look and feel. So happy to have my dress coming from this wonderful place. From a logistics standpoint they have probably 20-30 gowns in mannequins and you can go around and tell them what you like and dislike. They then have pretty much a warehouse in back that they then also pull from. I super appreciated that because I am not the person that wants to look through the all the dresses. I enjoyed they did that for me! And they found the perfect one. Thanks again to these wonderful ladies.”

Destiny S.


“Mary Lou made my dress shopping day so special and perfect! She blessed me with the most beautiful gown I could imagine and was incredibly kind and helpful throughout the entire experience. I recommend Suburban Bridal to any bride looking for a fun, relaxing shopping time. I can’t wait to wear this beautiful gown on my special day! Suburban Bridal couldn’t have been more perfect 🙂 Thank you Mary Lou ?‍♀️??”

Vickie K.


“My daughter and I just spent two wonderful hours with Mary Lou. She gave us very personal attention finding the perfect dress that met all of my daughter’s wishes. The location is hard to to find but once yu are there, the experience will be worth the search!”

Alaysia M.


“Kim at Suburban Bridal is AMAZING! She listened to everything I wanted in a dress and I said yes to the very first one II had tried (after trying on other options she had picked as well). She was amazing and helpful! Also I got to meet the sweet woman who designed the dress, which not very many people can say! This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to show pictures of my dress on the big day!”

Rachel K.


“Mary Lou helped me personally and was amazing. You can tell she cares about her dresses and wants me to have the exact dress I’m looking for. Even when I didn’t like a dress (which I felt bad saying bc she designed it), she’d laugh and say “well then what are we waiting for, let’s try on the next one!” We found a dress that only needs little tweaks, but I’m 100% confident that she will make it perfect!”

Danielle B.


“Great experience! The ladies working with us were so nice and helpful! “

Angie A.


“Mary Lou made our experience amazing! She wanted to know the details of he wedding and really took the tine to match a dress not only fitting of the wedding, but fitting to what my daughter has always dreamed of! They ensured it brought out her best features and made her a true princess! The price for my daughter’s custom dress didn’t break the bank either. By far the best, most personable service I have ever received! If you want a dress that is gorgeous, priced right, and be treated as if you are the only bride in the world; this is the place to go! Thank you, Mary Lou, Jacque, ad Kim for making it the best day ever!”

Julie V.


“I’d like to shout out for Suburban Bridal! It is a wonderful bridal shoppe! My foster daughter enjoyed he fun day there trying on dresses and she said YES to the dress with the help from wonderful Mary Lou and her expertise, kindness, and love! It was the perfect day! THANK YOU, Mary Lou, Jacque, and Kim for making it the best day ever!”

Abbey H.


“Kim and Mary Lou were so amazing to work with! These ladies were so nece and definitely know what they are doing! I am SO glad that I bought my dress here! 100% recommend Suburban Bridal!”

Sarai N.


“Mary Lou and Kim were amazing! They helped me pick out my dream dress and I couldn’t be happier! Beautiful atmosphere and incredible service! Love love love! 100% recommend!”

Lynelle B.


“I had a wonderful experience choosing a dress for my wedding day here! Jacque greeted us right away with a smile (under her mask) and immediately began asking what styles I was looking for. I had only tried on once before and did not have a good experience, so to be honest I was nervous walking into Suburban Bridal. I did not think I would find my dress, bur Jacque and Mary Lou were so kind and listened to my likes and dislikes as I tried on multiple dresses. We ended up with a dress and veil! I was even able to order straps to be added to the dress in the same fabric as the dress and veil so everything matches! I was so pleased with the service here and so was my family! We all had a fun time and left very happy and excited for the big day! Thank you, Suburban Bridal!”

Lindsey E.


“HIGHY RECOMMEND!! Five Stars! I went to multiple bridal stores to look for my dress and Suburban Bridal was by far the BEST experience with the best dresses! I explained what I was looking for and Jacque gave me the dress of my dreams with the first one I found! Actually, this dress was even better than I could have imagined! It is a Lisa Lou original (their in-house designer) and it is absolutely gorgeous! Jacque asked me to explain what I was looking for, and she picked several examples that were the exact match for what I wanted! Even though dress #1 was THE dress for me, every other one I tried on was equally as beautiful. Aside from their amazing service, knowledge, and in-house designs, Suburban Bridal surpassed the other stores based on their assistance, selection of gowns, and sizes available to try on. They proudly have sizes 0 – 30 to try on in-store. They offered me the option to order or purchase off the rack, and even helped me get my dress rushed in, as I was working with a short timeframe to order and get the gown on time. If you want a stress free, rush free dress appointment, where you will find the dress of your dreams, COME TO SUBURBAN BRIDAL! I promise you will not be disappointed! Mary Lou and her team are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, my wedding would not be the same without your help and beautiful dress!”

Lori M.


“VERY good selection of dresses! AND very nice people!”

Madison S.


“Thank you to Mary Lou at Suburban Bridal for helping me find the dress of my dreams! I LOVED it and you really know what you are doing!”

Koi M.


“My aunt purchased her dress from Suburban Bridal 40 years ago, my mother purchased her dress 30 years ago, and I am elated I purchased my dress from here yesterday! I had a great shopping experience here with Jacque! She made this stressful process everything and more! I am happy I was able to continue the family tradition of purchasing my wedding gown from Suburban!!”

Mrs. Aksel W.


“I had purchased my dress from Suburban Bridal in the fall of 2019. You actually helped me make my final decision on the most amazing dress! You had told me multiple times that the dress was the small detail compared to the decision to marry my husband. We ended up getting married June 12th and 13th during the pandemic. Also, we made it a two day affair just to spite the pandemic and celebrate with all that we loved! I received so many compliments for my dress those 2 days and all I could say is there is an amazing dress shop, with the most incredible owner, and the love that she passes to each bride, in memory of her daughter, is incomparable. So thank you for everything! My day was even better because of that dress and all the love!”

Tammy O.


“Mary Lou, thank you for all you do for your brides!”

Marissa P.

“I said yes to my dress here! It was an amazing experience that I did not expect! They have the best assistance and so much knowledge that I didn’t think I would ever learn! Kim assisted me so professionally and made it very comfortable to try dresses! I stated my budget and they did not push anything that I couldn’t afford! Mary Lou was exceptionally sweet and I enjoyed talking with her! She taught me things I didn’t even know I needed like adding height to accentuate balance between my soon to be spouse’s height with my short stature. She explained the fabric and how it wouldn’t snag. To be honest I did not think I would have been buying a dress today and it was so exceptionally surprising and I am extremely happy! ‘Thank you, Kim and Mary Lou!”

Lindsay W.


“We had a great time and my cousin found her beautiful dress! Kim was so helpful! I would recommend anyone that is looking to go and find their dress here!”

Valerie D.


“I love that I was able to find my dress here! Kim did an amazing job of being mindful with what would fit me but also in my price range. I truly enjoyed this experience, thank you Suburban Bridal for a special moment I will always remember! I highly recommend! The dresses are beautiful and the story behind the dresses are sweet as well! I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in my dress!!!”

Brittany B.


“I highly recommend Suburban Bridal! My experience was beyond what I could ever imagined while dress shopping. Every dress I tried on was gorgeous. Mary Lou was passionate about helping me find the dress for my wedding day and you could sense the happiness she had when she helped me fine “the one”. I loved that I didn’t have to be held up by large clips when trying on dresses, if the dress was too big they pinned it so that I could see the dress close to what it would actually look like. I also received a handwritten letter from Mary Lou about a week after purchasing my dress and it almost brought me to tears! I will never forget that day, it was truly a magical experience!”

Neisha S.


“The ladies at Suburban Bridal are AMAZING! They were so welcoming and friendly! They have a ton of experience and know just how to make the Bride-To-Be feel special and amazing in preparation for the big day! I knew just as soon as I saw myself in my dress that it was THE ONE! I am so happy they were my first appointment! Thank you so much to all of you!”

Lisa R.


“I am beyond happy with my experience at Suburban Bridal! This was our last stop after a long day of dress shopping. I showed Mary Lou what I had in mind and she nailed it by the second dress. She was so kind and I loved having the designer of my dress also help me FIND my dress! She treated us all like family and I am so happy I found what I was looking for at her shop! I was also so impressed to have received a handwritten thank you card from Mary Lou. This is what makes for an amazing experience that I will always remember. Thank you for this wonderful experience!”

Hannah E.


“Such a wonderful experience at Suburban Bridal! I had such a fantastic evening shopping here! Fantastic service, dress selection, and I ended up UNDER BUDGET! Highly recommend!”

Irish M.


“I went in for an appointment to try on dresses thinking I knew exactly what I wanted. After trying on several, in that particular style, I just wasn’t finding it. Thank goodness Jacque was the most patient and helpful woman she is! Finally I asked to try on a dress that was on one of the mannequins in their display room, and it was absolutely gorgeous As soon as it was on me I knew it was THE ONE! My mother, sister and daughter all agreed too. I definitely recommend this boutique, and give it 5 stars! They design their own gowns, so they are one of a kind, which is an added bonus! I am so happy I went here to pick out the dress that will make the man of my dreams cry when I walk down the aisle!”

Claire K.

“Thank you for the awesome job you all did as I searched for “the dress.” Renee, thank you for all the alterations you did so it fit like a glove! It was very nice working with you all!

Charity W.

“Nicolette was fabulous! We came to try on bridesmaid dresses and were undecided (found one, but didn’t love it). Nicolette went above and beyond to find a dress by a designer and style she thought we might like. She called us and we came in to see it. It was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! She is so wonderful. Can’t say enough. Thank you!

Lindsey S.

“Suburban Bridal ladies- 
just wanted to thank you all so much for helping me pick out the perfect dress for my big day! The wedding was beautiful! I couldn’t have been happier with my perfect dress. Thank you again so much!

Amanda T.

“Thank you for all your help getting my dress ready for the big day. I received so many compliments on the fit and design. I already have a cousin who wants to use it when she gets married. (She is 12 years old, so it will be awhile!)

Ann H.

“To everyone at Suburban Bridals,
Thank you for everything you did to make my wedding dress perfect for our special day. It received so many compliments! Everyone at the store exceeded my expectations.

Kay N.

“I was so pleased with the service we received at Suburban Bridals. Our consultant was caring, helpful and totally knowledgeable. She made our experience special for the bride and family.


“Thanks for all you did!”

Cassandra F.

“Thank you so much for furnishing my wedding back in June and for all your help with the process of finding the perfect dress! I am convincned we had the best wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride dress, and jewelry ever. 🙂 We were so impressed every time we came in and everyone was always so helpful and professional! I am so grateful. Thanks for all you do!

Rochelle D.

“Thank you for making the whole process so comfortable and relaxing. Lori made my dress shopping experience so special and I would recommend her to anyone.”


“Thank you to the entire team at Suburban Bridals. You guys were great and I absolutely loved my dress! Thank you so much!

Erin D.

“I am thankful I came to Suburban Bridals. I truly felt that I was a priority and they really listened to what I was looking for. Thanks so much for a great experience!

Amanda M.

“Loni is such a gem and has been an incredible help to me in searching for a bridal gown! She took time to understand my style and taste in dresses. I have quite a bit of sewing experience and Loni was so knowledgeable and creative about what kind of alterations or features would be possible. After hearing what features in dresses I loved, she came out with a stunning, one-of-a-kind gown designed by the owner. . . she very much embodies the mission of the shop and helped me find a dress I Love! Thanks for a great experience.”


“Annie first saw her dress in a magazine. We were so glad you had it! Annie had one of the prettiest dresses there.

Erica B.

“I had the best experience shopping for a bridal gown. Lori greeted us as we walked in and we did not need an appointment (during the week). They helped me the entire time and made me feel important. Excellent service and would recommend to anyone looking for a bridal gown to come here first.

Lisa D.

“I want to thank Mary Lou for all of her help! She was so helpful, giving us all kinds of ideas for jewelry and shoes, and everything else! You made our shopping experience enjoyable. I will definitely be recommending her personally to other prom dress shoppers.

Katherine B.

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I came to your store to find a mother of the groom dress. After searching, unsuccessfully, for an attractive dress for my son’s wedding, all I needed to do was describe what I was looking for and you were able to walk over to the rack and pull out the perfect dress for me! It was exactly what I had hoped to find! Your entire staff was pleasant and patient with me, which made the entire experience from purchase and through the alterations, so easy for me.

Sarah S.

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I came to your store to find a mother of the groom dress. After searching, unsuccessfully, for an attractive dress for my son’s wedding, all I needed to do was describe what I was looking for and you were able to walk over to the rack and pull out the perfect dress for me! It was exactly what I had hoped to find! Your entire staff was pleasant and patient with me, which made the entire experience from purchase and through the alterations, so easy for me.

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