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If you choose to measure yourself, here is how to do it. You need a flexible (fabric or plastic) measurement tape. This can usually be purchased for less than $1 in drugstores and/or fabric shops (or on Amazon). When you purchase your gown, we will guide you through this entire measuring process. We have had very happy customers due to our coaching.

Measure around the fullest part of the bust keeping the tape straight across the back. We do not always need the bra size unless you are larger than a C cup. Keep in mind, almost all wedding gowns are designed with a B cub, so it is important that you discuss this. once you marry this wonderful person you will probably want to hug them! We need to make sure you have room to reach up and/or out. Pull tape somewhat tight but lose enough to allow movement.
This measurement needs to be at our natural waist. High hip level, in most pants will not work in bridal! Bend over sideways — that indentation your feel is your natural waist. This is where you measure. Pull snug but not squishing any part.
For most people this will not be fun, including Mary Lou! Look in a mirror and determine the fullest part of your derriere (rear-end). You need to measure the fullest area of your hips.

Measuring is not as difficult as some might have you believe. If you want a bridal shop professional, we suggest you call first and ask if they do complimentary measurements. We suggest choosing an alteration professional who will be doing the alterations and/or pressing needs on your gown. Make sure that they have wedding gown alternations experience. Moving beaded hem lace is intricate work! It would be a good idea to show them a picture of the gown you are ordering. We will not be held responsible for their interpretations of what size “should have been ordered” as they do not have access to the reasoning behind the size ordered. We will cover this extensively over the phone during your consultation. 

The figure above will help you determine where to measure. Compare your measurements to our size chart. you need to make sure that you choose the size that your largest measurement will fit. it is better to cover your bases! With most professional bridal alteration people, they would rather take the gown in than to let it out. In some cases there is not enough fabric to let it out. However, even if it can be done, there can be a considerable cost difference. Taking gowns in costs less than letting it out.

When you pruchase your gown, you will receive an extensive, professional, and helpful phone consultation to guide you through all the concepts of special ordering regarding how to measure, why you need to use the larger size on the chart depending on the style of the gown, and why it is so important to give accurate information.

We will discuss the weight loss that most brides experience in the few months before the wedding because “stress burns calories.” 

You will probably be running ragged and wish you had more time for all of the last minute items. The most important thing is for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy this wonderful wedding day.

Wedding attire is sized substantially different than retail clothing. You will usually need a size that is not the same as everyday clothing. Bridal gowns are not custom cut to your measurements. That is why you need to look at the size chart and determine the size that will require the least alterations.

We will be ordering your gown according to Lisa Lou’s measurement chart, as shown above. Should you request a size that differs from this measurement chart, we cannot be held responsible for improper fit. Should you gain/lose weight or reposition body mass and/or become pregnant after the order has been placed, we will not be responsible for sizing change or additional alteration costs. However, fabric is available to accommodate these situations. It is sold by motifs or by the yard.

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